LFW has always engrossed me since I was young. I think maybe being from small, quiet seaside town in Cornwall encouraged me to watch Youtube videos and explore an area I had never really seen before. When I saw advertisements online for Volunteers to help at LFW I couldn’t see a reason to say know. I arrived at ‘The London Hotel, Mayfair’ just behind bond street to begin my to day LFW behind the scenes adventure. The room was full of male and female models and designers as it as a collaboration of many designers work. I began on the Friday helping to dress models, helping designers decide which models for which garments and the order in which their designs should go onto the runway. I found this part the most exciting part of the volunteering adventure; meeting and interacting with different people who work in the industry I aim for was inspiring and helpful. I was able to see first hand how a fashion show runs and who has to do what.

The following morning, an early 5 am start, began with meetings. We then were given the opportunity to watch rehearsals of the show. Watching the models I had previously help to dress and decide who wore what then walk down the runway was so exciting. Guests began to show around 2pm for a 3pm start. Although behind the scenes was extremely stressful whilst the show was on I can take this experience and knowledge away, include it on my CV and possibly discuss it in future interviews. The company I volunteered for was called houseof Ikons. A link to the website can be found here.


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