As another form of research I decided to visit some Seasalt shops. I felt this helped to gain a greater overall understanding of the Brand. As soon as I walked into a Seasalt shop I instantly understood its nautical influence; the colours tend to be earthy such a browns, creams and blues, I would consider it a relaxing shop which reflects the consumer market. I was also able to identify the clothes were aimed at middle aged women, that are generally middle class; the prices of the clothing also reflect this.

Whilst visiting their shops I also had the opportunity to have a closer look at labelling and what the clothes are made from. Many of the clothes are made from natural fibres such as wool. The majority of the tops I looked at was made from 100% organic cotton which suggests their interest environmental issues and for high quality products; it is clear when touching the clothes that they are high quality.

I was also able to have a look at the patterns on the clothing; many had imagery of boats and other classic seaside/countryside imagery such as flowers. I feel my decorative choices (boats, birds and anchors) would fit in well within the Seasalt clothing stores. This has been beneficial for me as I was able to identify if my design ideas would work well within the shop and also what patterns they are currently using to help inform and aid my designs. I was able to look at different types of repeat pattern they have used; One way repeat is common but I think that is natural with the type of imagery they choose to use. Seasalt also tend to use Half drop or brick repeat, I feel this works well with their imagery because it is normally quite detailed so spacing it out in an orderly manner adds thought and consideration to their designs, this is something I will consider when designing and developing my own repeat patterns for Seasalt.


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